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Orange robot laser cleaning a wavy metal part on a table with Loop technology logo on a whitebackground

“Can you put any part in the machine and automatically clean it?”

When our customer asked us this question about our robotic laser cleaning cell, in true Loop fashion, we thought “why not?” And that is how our latest, in-house R&D for automated robot program generation began.

This technology will allow you to clean parts without CAD models, without any programming, and without providing any information about the part. Although it targets laser cleaning, it will be suited to other surface-based applications like polishing, painting, and sanding too.

Infographic that shows a rusty automotive part being loaded into a LoopCLEAN machine which carries out scanning, calculations, and laser cleaning, before coming out clean at the end.

The Challenges

Some of the challenges we had to overcome for a robot to successfully clean unknown parts includes:

Angle and distance

The quality of cleaning is reliant on a precise angle and distance of the laser to the part.

Possible collision

While moving around a 3D object, it is possible for a robot to unknowingly drive into the part.

Robot singularity

When calculating its path, a robot can unexpectedly stop or lose control due to a mathematics phenomenon.

How does it work?

Automotive part with a red projected pattern on top

The part is placed onto the cleaning bed by the operator.

The shape and position are captured with a 3D scanner and imported into our automated CAM system.

The selected cleaning path is applied, and robot motion is simulated to check for reach, singularities, and collisions.

The robot program is then automatically corrected before being sent to the robot.

Simulated robot with programming code overlayed
Robot laser cleaning a rusty automotive part

The robot then cleans the part automatically.

If necessary, the operator can reposition the part and run it again to reach any occluded areas.

Our automated robot program generation technology will allow our customers to gain the benefits of robotics whilst bypassing the skills gap barrier and implementation time.

Excited about the possibilities? Contact our team to learn more.

cleanLASER International Partner meeting

This month, we visited cleanLASER’s headquarters in Aachen for the cleanLASER International Partner meeting.

It was great to experience hands on demos with the latest laser cleaning equipment. We learnt how CleanLASER technical advancements keep us ahead of the game and helps our customers.

Laser cleaning is an environmentally friendly and efficient method to remove rust, oil, paint, and more from a wide range of contaminated parts. It is also excellent at surface preparation for bonding or coating applications.

Gary Ottley wearing white safety glasses cleaning a metallic part with a laser cleaner.

New challenges await you in Dorset!

Some exciting new projects are in the pipeline and to prepare, we have a range of new opportunities to join our team including:

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