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Environmentally friendly, precise, and profitable.

Laser cleaning systems can be used to remove rust, oil, paint and more from a wide range of contaminated areas. Surface preparation times can be dramatically reduced when compared to traditional cleaning methods. Each laser system is infinitely adjustable to suit your needs depending on the deposited layer thickness, colour and type.

The benefits of cleaning with a laser includes:

  • Fast set-up time
  • Simple to operate
  • No clean-up requirement, especially compared to conventional media blasting
  • Leaves no residue
  • Low operating costs
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • No consumable media – no abrasives, chemicals, solvents
  • Green process – no pollution
  • Moulds can be cleaned in machine, even in cycle, and with a hot mould
  • Gentler than abrasive cleaning, extending the service life of valuable moulds and tools

Loop Technology is the UK distributor and service provider for the range of cleanLASER systems.

What we offer

  • Laser systems ranging from a CL20 Backpack (20-Watt Unit) to a CL1000 (1000-Watt unit).
  • Hiring of all systems.
  • Full training and an optional Laser Safety Training Course
  • Cleaning of bespoke parts with our onsite laser unit.
  • Vast array of accessories including extending fibre lengths, head types and maintenance parts.
  • Robotic cells for automated laser cleaning.

Low Power Laser Systems

CL 12 / CL 20 / CL 40 / CL 50 / CL 100

Compact and versatile, low power laser systems are designed for the cost-effective treatment of small areas that require gentle high precision cleaning, de-coating and other surface treatments.

The basic system consists of the laser source, with controls and cooling, a fiber optic for beam delivery and a processing head. A simple main power supply is used for operation with a very low energy demand.

No other media is required for treating parts. These laser systems are easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free.

CleanLASER Stamp Optics UK Distributor Laser Cleaning

Key Capabilities and Specifications

  • 12 to 100 Watt average laser power
  • For the precise cleaning of sensitive surfaces
  • Diode pumped solid-state laser
  • Very quiet air-cooled system
  • Large operating distance (up to 500 mm)
  • Modular configuration in 19” industrial housing
  • Easy production line integration
  • Laser class 4 product

Application examples:

  • Processing and de-coating of small areas
  • Pre-treatment for adhesive bonding
  • In-line baking plate cleaning
  • Cleaning of print rollers
  • Precise de-coating
  • Restoration
  • Rust/oxide removal
  • Precise oil removal from metallic surfaces

Backpack Laser Systems

CL 20

The CL 20 Backpack features a 20 Watt diode pumped laser source with a range of adjustable beam and power settings. The laser is mounted to a backpack frame making it comfortable to carry and ease to move around.

This super portable 20 Watt laser is well-suited for small area treatments and for gently cleaning historic surfaces. With its rechargeable battery pack, this laser can operate completely cordless.

CleanLASER Backpack CL20 UK Distributor Laser Cleaning

Key Capabilities and Specifications

  • Average laser power up to 20 Watt
  • Flexible and light-weight backpack laser (ca. 12 kg)
  • Operates via direct power or rechargeable batteries
  • Gentle and precise cleaning of sensitive surfaces
  • Diode pumped solid-state laser
  • Very quiet air-cooled system
  • Large operating distance (up to 250 mm)
  • Laser class 4 product

Application examples:

  • De-coating of small areas
  • Restoration & conservation
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • Rust/oxide removal
  • Oil & grease removal
  • Selective paint removal
  • Micro-profiling
  • Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding

Portable Mid Power Laser Systems

lightCASE CL 20 – CL 100 / lightCASE CL 200 – CL 300 / lightCASE CL 20 FFC – CL 100 FFC

The lightCASE is small in size, portable, and versatile in use. With up to 300 watts average laser power, the lightCASE is the world’s most powerful laser in its size category.

Even in cramped operating conditions, the small laser is easy to handle for various applications, from Egyptian burial chambers to the interior of a submarine; the lightCASE can be operated almost anywhere.

The handheld optics is specially designed to be lightweight and ergonomic, enabling single-handed operation with adjustment of parameters available directly at the optics. The LED-illuminated handle gives the operator immediate feedback as to the status of the laser process.

lightCASE laser cleaning units, compares size of the CL20 and CL100 models

Key Capabilities and Specifications

  • Medium laser power output: 20-300 watts.
  • Diode-pumped solid state laser.
  • Fibre rewind and optics holder.
  • Transport trolley for carrying the lightCASE housing.
  • Option of connecting suction and filter.
  • CL 20-100 dimensions (W x L x H): 466.5 x 265 x 517 mm.
  • CL 200-300 / CL FFC dimensions (W x L x H): 468 x 265 x 703 mm.
  • Network capability for remote support.
  • Available with optional fibre-to-fibre coupling (FFC) for particularly gentle cleaning.
  • Laser class 4 product.

Application examples:

  • Paint stripping and decoating.
  • Removal of tarnish colours.
  • Oil removal and degreasing.
  • Pretreatment for weld seam inspection.
  • Weld seam pre- and post-treatment.
  • Mold cleaning
  • Restoration

Mid Power Laser Systems

CL 150 / CL 300 / CL 500 / CL 600

These mid-power systems are designed around a powerful, diode pumped solid state laser source. Mid-power lasers deliver performance with gentleness for the precise de-coating and cleaning in many industrial applications.

Using the remarkable power of short pulses of laser light, high-value parts can be treated without damage and virtually no emissions. Laser cleaning applications include surface prep for bonding and welding, de-coating metallic surfaces – fully or selectively, removal of production residues from tools, moulds and many more.

Each unit is designed to consistently deliver high performance with reliability and do so virtually maintenance-free. Easy to set-up, operate and automate. Plug it in, turn it on and start cleaning/de-coating with laser light – without chemicals, media, dust, water, or clean-up.

CleanLASER CL600 UK Distributor Laser Cleaning

Key Capabilities and Specifications

  • Space-saving, compact construction
  • User-friendly operation
  • Pulse power up to 400 kW
  • Mobile or stationary
  • Diode pumped laser source
  • µC-based controls (menu driven)
  • Laser class 4 product
  • Flexible beam delivery by 10m fibre optic

Application examples:

  • Complete or selective paint removal (e.g. weld inspections)
  • Removes oxides, oil, grease and production residues
  • Mould cleaning
  • Pre-treatment for adhesive bonding
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • De-coating metallic and glass surfaces

High Power Laser Systems

CL 1000 / CL 2000

The CL 1000 and the CL 2000 provide average laser power of 1000 watts and 1600 watts respectively. For big projects, in the factory, in the field or at sea, these lasers deliver the power needed for maximum production. It features a diode pumped laser source for optimum reliability and a system that’s virtually maintenance-free. This remarkable laser can be configured for both handheld use and automated applications with a fieldbus interface.

It is designed for reliability, minimal maintenance, fast set-up, simple operation and it’s easy to automate. It requires no gas or other consumables. Plug it in, turn it on and start cleaning/de-coating with all the benefits laser light – without chemicals, media, dust, water and no clean-up.

Key Capabilities and Specifications

  • Uses no media, no chemicals, no water
  • Up to 1600 W average power (CW)
  • Diode pumped laser source
  • On-board integrated PC for process monitoring/control, data storage, communications
  • Self-contained & fully mobile
  • Green technology – no secondary waste to clean-up or dispose
  • Robust construction for maximum durability
  • Optional beam switch offers dual end effectors for both automated & handheld use
  • Real-time, easy to adjust, precise laser control
  • TFT touch screen display of laser parameters
  • Laser class 4 product

Application examples:

  • Complete paint removal
  • Pre-coating surface preparation / contaminant removal
  • Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding
  • Cleaning of large moulds
  • Weld seam pre-treatment
  • Fast removal of rust/oxides, oil, grease & production residues
  • Industrial, military, & shipyard – production intensive de-coating
  • Nuclear de-contamination

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