Smart 3D labelling on irregular shapes.

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Providing the perfect solution for diverse labelling requirements

Designed for our customers who have a wide-ranging product collection, our real time 3D image processing technology means IdentifEYE is capable of sticking labels on virtually anything with a 3D profile.

Product changeover can be performed at the simple touch of a button, giving you increased flexibility and less down time, while the modular design allows the system to be customised to fit a particular space or scaled up to meet your needs.

The built-in software interface provides the capability to make product or batch changes with the simple touch of a button. This allows you to process all your products on a single line, optimising your factory space, while offering increased flexibility and less downtime. The interface provides the ability for you to train the system to handle new products and labelling requirements.

Key capabilities



3D imaging enables the robot to match the surface orientation of the product, adapting to each individual product as it comes down the line, ensuring every contact made is in the correct position.



This system can recognise features to either avoid them (i.e. where label placement would be unwanted) or locate them (e.g. barcodes).



We can provide the appropriate end effectors to handle labels of different shapes and sizes. A recipe of different labels can be built up and stored for use with different products.



Product changeover can be performed at the simple touch of a button, enabling you maximise machine time for a leaner operation.

Technical specification
Min Product Size 50mm x 50mm x 5mm
Max Product Size 450mm x 400mm x 400mm
Throughput 1200 parts / hour / robot when running in a print and apply mode. Even faster rates are achievable in an apply-only configuration.
Example Robots KUKA Agilus, Kuka KR6 R900, ABB Flexpicker
Interface Loop Technology touch screen HMI
Printers Sato printers are used by default but we are happy to integrate your preferred printer type if required.
  • Designed as plug and play and can be up and running within hours.
  • Self contained unit, encased in fully interlocked and monitored enclosure incorporating polycarbonate panels for clear vision in operation. All wiring is contained in trunking under the conveyor.
  • Can be supplied with input and output roller conveyors to assist with line integration or manual loading.

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