Annealing Cell for a Manufacturing Facility

Our customer requested a robotic annealing system that could be programmed in a safe, hand guided environment. This is a prime example of a hazardous, manual process that fits a robotic application perfectly.

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We provided a turnkey solution encompassing design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.

The cell integrated:

  • Fanuc CR-35iA Collaborative Robot.
  • Raised access floor.
  • Cell control system integrating safety, monitoring, control, software, and data acquisition.
  • EFD Induction heater end effector with interchangeable heads and modular control.

The cell enables the operator to teach the robot a unique pipe shape. After hand guiding the robot, the operator can safely initiate the program from outside the cell. The robot follows the taught path and uses induction to heat the pipe.

The temperature control system ensures the pipe is heated to the correct temperature for the required annealing time. A range of pipe diameters and thicknesses can be handled by simply switching to the appropriate sized annealing head and selecting the associated heating program.

The annealing cell improved the consistency and quality of the annealed pipes while also minimising the hazards associated with the previous process including manual handling and burns. Additionally, the cell has removed the need for operators to wear full face respirators during the annealing process.


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