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Improved quality, efficiency, working environment, and flexibility.

Loop Technology are experienced at building bespoke systems that will deliver not only a solution to improve your manufacturing process, but one that will continue to perform consistently into the future.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to different types of assembly processes that we can provide a solution for. Be that from a simple pick and place cell to one that requires a vision system for picking off a conveyor. Find out more about our assembly solutions:


We’re experienced in delivering solutions for a range of fasteners and customer specific requirements, in particular composite and metallic aerostructures. Our portfolio includes:

  • Bolt insertion
  • Torquing/nut running
  • Dispensing and sealing, including liquid shim and fastener covering/capping
  • Swaging
  • Riveting
  • Bowl fed fastener solutions
  • Integration of vision systems and sensors for quality inspection and measurement


Automated product labelling lines have been designed and developed by Loop Technology many times, increasing the scope of automated labelling for the future. Providing the perfect solution to customers whose labelling requirements are more diverse, new generation technology will handle any batch size and an almost infinite number of different products, all easily set up at the touch of a screen.

The use of 3D imaging enables the robot head to match the surface orientation of the product and therefore adapt to each individual product as it comes down the line, ensuring every contact made is in the correct position.

We can provide labelling solutions for a range of objects from boxes, bags or food items. Stand alone solutions are available that will print and apply labels in one streamlined process.

Pick and Place

We’re experienced in delivering bespoke systems depending on the product to be handled. Our portfolio includes:

    • Bespoke gripper design including self adjusting magnetic grippers, product specific grippers, vacuum and precision grippers, mechanical grippers and non-contact grippers
    • Loading and unloading heavy items
    • Palletising
    • Machine tending
    • Picking off conveyors
    • Composites
    • High positioning precision and repeatability applications
    • Integration of vision systems and sensors for quality inspection and measurement

Sealant Application

Many sealant variations are used throughout a manufacturing process. Often it is time consuming and challenging to complete consistently. Robotics provides a consistent and accurate solution and can even scan and log the applied sealant during the process.

Loop Technology can support many sealant applications;

    • Different nozzle variations available providing suitable bead profiles.
    • Compatible end effectors for SEM Kits or standard sealant guns.
    • Sealant capping methodologies. This seals off fastener heads when water or fuel ingress should be avoided.
    • Bead scan technology to analyse the sealants position and volume. This can be used to determine the remaining sealant in the end effector gun.
    • Liquid shim application. Programs can be offered to calculate the correct amount of applied interfay. This is used to produce the required amount of expelled shim from the joint interface.
    • Brushing or spraying adhesive onto surfaces. The tips of these end effectors are normally heated to avoid the glue drying in situ.

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