Robotic Laser Cleaning System: Versatile, Accurate & Fast

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Robotic Laser Cleaning

LoopCLEAN is a robotic laser cleaning system that cleans complex components, industrial equipment and surfaces. It provides pioneering levels of speed, precision and safety compared to handheld laser cleaning and traditional methods such as media blasting. Applications include cleaning of moulds, removal of grease and oxide layers prior to welding, preparation of surfaces prior to bonding, nuclear decommissioning and decontamination.

Key capabilities

Uses 80-85% less energy than typical abrasive blasting technologies.


No abrasive materials and no consumables.


Low cost of running and ownership compared to other methods.


Laser ablation means no damage to underlying substrate.


Our standard offering provides automated laser cleaning whilst retaining human operation over the generation of robot and cleaning programs. Using laser ablation, contaminants are removed without doing damage to the underlying substrate. The operator programs the robot and controls its range of motion via the robot pendant. This is ideal for performing simple and repetitive tasks without the need for complex programming software.



LoopCLEAN with RobotMaster provides a higher level of precision and automation. A CAD model of the tool to be cleaned is imported into RobotMaster software where the cleaning paths are simulated and refined. The code is transferred to the robot and the equipment is laser cleaned.

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LoopCLEAN Auto

LoopCLEAN Auto is cutting-edge automated robot path generation combined with state-of-the-art laser technology. It uses RealPATH, our pioneering software, to fully automate the cleaning process. By leveraging 3D imaging with singularity and collision avoidance algorithms to generate the robot and cleaning programs, it removes the need for component CAD and offline programming.

Realpath scanning over component

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Larger Scale Automated Laser Cleaning

Loop Technology have a wide range of bespoke large scale automated laser cleaning solutions. Our years of experience using robotic and gantry systems allow us to provide the best scheme that match your requirements, irrelevant of how big or small.

  • Gantry or robotic systems can provide large scale laser cleaning.
  • Flexible systems that can work for multiple tooling types and sizes.
  • Suitable for all aerospace moulds tools and components.
  • Full turnkey solutions available.