Flexible 6-axis robot based automated laser cleaning machine

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Automated Laser Cleaning

LoopCLEAN delivers a fast, quiet, accurate and efficient solution to what can be noisy and messy processes.

Laser cleaning can be used for:

  • Cleaning of simple or complex shaped mould tools
  • Removal of grease and oxide layers prior to welding
  • Preparation of surfaces prior to adhesive bonding or painting

Expensive chemicals and consumables are completely eliminated, streamlining your process and improving timescales and overall safety.

The compact machine can be either manually loaded, integrated into an existing production line, or we can provide a fully automated loading solution to suit your specific application.

Key capabilities

Uses 80-85% less energy than typical abrasive blasting technologies.


No abrasive materials and no consumables.


Low cost of running and ownership.


Optional 2D optics enables precise shapes and areas to be processed.

Larger Scale Automated Laser Cleaning

Loop Technology have a wide range of bespoke large scale automated laser cleaning solutions. Our years of experience using robotic and gantry systems allow us to provide the best scheme that match your requirements, irrelevant of how big or small.

  • Gantry or robotic systems can provide large scale laser cleaning.
  • Flexible systems that can work for multiple tooling types and sizes.
  • Suitable for all aerospace moulds tools and components.
  • Full turnkey solutions available.

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