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The construction industry, much like others, have begun to adapt for a more environmentally friendly and resourceful alternative manufacturing techniques. Loop Technology have developed alongside this new trend in housing manufacture using wooden walls and modular design traits. The consumer demands products and solutions to be available at a low cost and at a tighter lead time. Automation simply fits this specification, exceeding any other available solution.

Wood constructed houses have become popular due to their price, modular construction, easy of assembly and low environmental impact. Loop Technology have supplied multiple robots and cells for the manufacture of panels, doors, windows and fastenings.

Product identification and transportation can be a huge part of this process. Logistical systems are all about improving efficiency, which comes as standard with any Loop Technology equipment. We have vast experience in graphical user interfaces, advanced control systems, imaging systems for barcodes or part location, RFID readers and robotic pick and place conveyor systems for your required cell.

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