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Our versatile ultrasonic cutting system is designed for edge trimming composite preforms with complex 3D geometries. It is suitable for different materials including prepreg and dry fibre.

FibreCUT is not just a knife. We are experienced with integrating a multitude of custom auxiliary systems to suit your needs, from particulate extraction to minimise contamination, to infrared temperature measurement to ensure optimal cutting conditions.

Key capabilities

Minimises quality defects such as frayed fibres, tows lifting, or clusters of loose fibres.


Cut curves with radii as tight as 30mm with ±0.2mm path following capability.


Various blade sizes and profiles and multiple programs offering different cutting parameters for different materials.


Compatible with a gantry or robotic system interface.

Technical specifications
Dry fibre material

Typical values for a 70mm blade:

  • up to 200mm/s cutting speed
  • up to 70mm cutting depth in a single pass
Prepreg material

Typical values for a 38mm blade. Max depth of 35mm would be achieved as multiple cuts at 5mm.

Depth of Cut (mm) Speed of Cut (mm/s)
5 15
10 15
15 10
20 10
25 10
30 10
35 (max) 10
Example auxiliary systems:
  • Infrared temperature measurement.
  • Automated broken blade detection.
  • Force torque monitoring.
  • Particulate extraction.
  • Blade cleaning.
  • Blade alignment station.
  • Particle extraction cowling to remove any FOD generated from the process.

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