A complete automated solution for composite handling, assembly and inspection.

Loop Technology is at the forefront of developing this technology, pushing for solutions to combine automation and composite manufacture. Our innovative composite automation and layup technologies, inspection and kitting systems are all proving to be successful solutions for multiple global aerospace manufacturers, using a combination of precision gantry, robotics, vision and automation.

We provide products and support for the following areas:


Our composite products are modular allowing us to deliver a system to precisely suit your needs. We can design bespoke systems for preforming structures both large and small such as wing skins, fan blades or small box structures. Gantry or robotic configurations can be itemized depending on your factory size and layup preference.

An example of a system and the capabilities are shown in the interactive image below.  Hover over a component to find out more.

A range of examples to demonstrate the wide range of possible configurations is provided below:


The risks involved in composite handling are significant given that damage or deformation of plies in any handling process cannot be tolerated in flight and safety critical aerospace engineering applications.

Loop Technology can offer bespoke composite gripper designs to both address these risks while simultaneously improving manufacturing cell throughput and maintaining industry quality standards.

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Pioneering composite inspection and carbon fibre inspection techniques have become a key competence within Loop Technology’s expertise.

Working within the aerospace sector, we have developed systems to meet stringent quality standards capable of in-process monitoring and positional correction during composite layup.

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When optimal ply utilisation is a priority, Loop Technology can design, manufacture and install fully integrated composite kitting systems using their expertise in automation and composite material handling as the foundation.

These systems offer a comprehensive automated composite ply handling and management solution starting from automated carbon fibre ply feeding to a cutting table, through to the fully kitted stage where composite plies can be presented in prescribed order for immediate assembly.

The system may include:

  • Raw material roll feeder
  • Cutting table
  • Drawer or roller-based ply storage (FibreSTORE)
  • Ply tracking
  • Vision system-based ply location capability

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We have experience in delivering high precision ultrasonic cutting of composite materials, from stacks of dry fibre to 3D preforms.

We are able to offer bespoke part trimming by combining the power of CAD/CAM software with the flexibility of 6-axis robots, and integrate many auxiliary processes you may require including force torque monitoring and particulate extraction.

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Research and Development

Automation for fibre re-enforced composites is still a fledgling technology. At Loop we are constantly active in R&D projects on both our own internal programs and on subcontract programs for primes and tier ones. If you are considering a collaborative venture and feel our skillset will add value please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you are interested in talking to us about our Composites solutions, please contact us.

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