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Are you looking for an automated robotic machining or finishing solution?

Whether you are looking for a particular milling, trimming or drilling application, we are confident that we can provide you with a cost effective robotic machining solution to suit your specific needs. We can offer a solution from our modular range of machining cells, or for more specialised processes we can create a system tailored to your precise requirements.

Cells are supplied with appropriate spindles and control systems and can incorporate both local and cell level extraction systems for a complete turnkey offering. For larger objects or where access to all surfaces is required, the robot can be combined with a linear track or additional manipulator stages. Systems can be programmed manually or use specialist CAM software creating simple and complex robot trajectories accurately, without teaching points.


Using industrial robots to meet your drilling requirements will improve safety and efficiency. Additionally, where hazardous particles could create an unsafe workplace, bespoke robotic drilling can provide you with the perfect solution.

Loop are experienced in delivering a range of drilling solutions to handle various materials including carbon fibre, aluminium, and titanium. We are experienced in developing robotic end effectors with orbital drilling technology to reduce heat concentration, tool wear, and improve the finished quality to dramatically enhance your machining process. We can also integrate extraction capabilities.

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The process of cutting material away from a prototype or mould to form a specific structure is now being done very successfully by robotic milling processes. Using robots to undertake this process provides a precise solution, however simple or complex your needs may be.

Compared to a regular CNC machine, a robotic arm offers a much larger workspace at a significantly lower cost.  Any object of any size or shape can be milled by simply adjusting the robot programming and end-of-arm-tooling.

Milling robots can perform the exact cuts and movements required to produce extremely high quality end products, from ergonomically designed wheelchair seats made to fit specific patient shapes, to architectural projects requiring the fabrication of large, complex, three dimensional elements.

We can cater for a wide variety of materials including engineering foam, wood, and molding sand.

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Edge Trimming

Robotic edge trimming operations have a high degree of accuracy whether plastic, wood, metals, or composite materials are being handled.

Whilst this has been done by industrial robots for many years and is ideal for repetitive trimming of identical part processing, we are able to offer bespoke part trimming by combining the power of CAD/CAM software with the flexibility of 6-axis robots, delivering high precision machine trimming for accurate clean cut solutions.

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