FibreLINE 2X1

Automated composite manufacturing for smaller parts and components.

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FibreLINE 2X1

FibreLINE 2X1 provides automated composite preforming for smaller parts and components than our standard FibreLINE system. Using a single robot equipped with an automatic tool changer, the system uses a variety of our products to complete the preforming process.

It is ideal for the production of carbon fibre car parts, train doors and aircraft wing components such as fairings, ailerons, nacelles, cowlings and wing tips. The system lays up on to a 2 metre x 1 metre tool, making it a compelling option for manufacturers looking for a compact and affordable solution.

Key capabilities

Delivers groundbreaking composite material deposition rates of up to 200kg per hour.


Delivers end-to-end composite preforming using just one robot with automatic tool changer.


FibreLINE 2X1 can be adapted to suit different requirements across advanced manufacturing sectors.


Handles composite sheets without damage drastically reducing number of layers required.

FibreLINE 2X1 is configured from our suite of products which includes:


Pick and place of composite material using storage rollers.


An ultrasonic system designed to make high quality cuts on composite material.


State-of-the-art end effector that picks composite sheets (plies), forms them into a multitude of complex 3D double curvature profiles and places them at incredible speed.


A cutting-edge inspection system that uses triangulation techniques to ensure integrity of the composite material during the preforming stage.


A modular composite tacking system designed to secure plies in place during layup process.

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