Large volume machining at an affordable price

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Fabricate your ultimate autonomous system

When you need to machine large volume items, this has typically meant investing in a large capacity machine tool, but now there is the option of RoboMACH.

Using a 6-axis robot to deliver drilling, milling, cutting, trimming and ultrasonic machining to the workpiece. It can also be supplied as a fully CNC controlled, highly accurate machining system complete with CAD/CAM interface.

With automatic tool changing and the option of adding additional rotary axes, RoboMACH offers you an extremely versatile and affordable machining platform.

Key capabilities

Large volume machining at an affordable price


Flexible layout to suit most applications


For customers who need to machine with high accuracy, RoboMACH HA provides enhanced accuracy


Can be supplied with CNC control and CAD/CAM interface

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