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Primed and ready to accelerate your automation process development

RoboPRIME is a self-contained, safety-rated robot cell. It arrives ready for you to add tooling and start programming.

This robotic cell delivers a reliable and consistent environment that lets your engineers remain focused on value-adding development activities.

RoboPRIME is also more than just a development platform. This heavy-duty cell can be rolled straight in to production after refining your process. Multiple cells can be combined to build larger and more complex systems.

Key capabilities

Tabletop rated to 100kg. Ample for typical part manipulation and assembly using a variety of small robot arms with minimal deflection.


Easy to add and reposition tooling and robot with quick release T-Slot system.


Dedicated safety system includes interlocked guarding, safety monitoring, cell control interface, and optional area scanners to monitor user proximity.


On wheels for easy transport and can be disassembled to fit through smaller doorways

How is RoboPRIME helping our customers?

Technical specification
Overall Dimensions 2000mm x 2000mm footprint, 2155mm high.
Example Robots Fanuc CRX-10iA cobot, KUKA Agilus, KUKA IIWA cobot.
Configurable table top Rated to 100kg. Cable access holes and quick access I/O box.
Add demountable tools and fixtures with quick fastenings. Vary position of robot.
Guarding Polycarbonate enclosure with safety rated access request.
Interface Configurable touch screen HMI
Typical applications Process development, robotic process demonstration, training, production.
Example industries Mechanical / electronic assembly, aerospace, composite, metrology, renewables, start-ups.
Expansion options Configurable range of I/O, PLC, extraction, process specific tooling, process development support, safety area scanners, pneumatic system.
Installation requirements Self-contained, wheel in – wheel out. 24v and 240v power systems available.

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