Loop Technology’s self-contained robot cell delivers an excellent route in for first timers

Loop Technology has developed an entry-level solution to industrial robotics borne from the realisation of a recent project for the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

Robotic development cell with HMI
RoboPRIME cell

The MTC, based in Coventry, asked Loop Technology, a member of the MTC and a long-term supplier, to design a self-contained robot cell capable of providing a flexible development and demonstration platform with capability for future expansion.

Loop Technology created a cell in a modular format allowing rapid integration with a range of robots including the KUKA KR AGILUS and the KUKA LBR IIWA.

The 2 x 2 meter self-contained ready-to-run format, has successfully removed the barriers of entry into industrial robotics, which has proved very popular, with orders already in place for similar cells.

Loop’s Project Manager, Peter Eyre commented:

 “I’m sure this cell will be very popular with organisations breaking into the sector for the first time and more established robotic operators looking to improve the efficiency of their development processes.”

The impact of this project is very exciting as it invites organisations to embrace robotics, open the door and enter into the industrial robotics sector.

The cell was handed over to MTC advanced research engineer, Jacob Brown, by Loop’s newest apprentice, Alex Garlick, who joined on the company’s electrical apprenticeship scheme and has been instrumental in the cell build.

Loop Technology handover RoboPRIME robot cell to The Manufacturing Technology Centre MTC
Hand over of RoboPRIME cell to MTC

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