The Benefits of Robotmaster

What is offline programming in robotics?

Offline programming involves programming a robot independently from its cell using simulator software. The robotic pathways are represented graphically via a 3D model and then uploaded to the robot to be executed. It is distinct from methods such as a teach pendant that is used for simpler applications.

Why Robotmaster?

Robotmaster is a leading offline programming software providing an excellent environment to simulate a wide range of robotic applications that can then be uploaded to the robot to carry out.

Robotmaster provides a way to generate robot-read code with unmatched confidence and easily identify, visualise and solve errors where other simulator software does not. It also addresses singularity issues that would otherwise produce errors and prevent the robot from running. It dramatically reduces programming time and prevents unnecessary interruption to production whilst being compatible with a range of robot brands such as KUKA, Fanuc, ABB rather than Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) software that is built around a specific one.


Robotmaster makes the programming of a wide variety of robotic applications easier and quicker.

  • Surface Finishing – Polishing, Sanding, Grinding
  • Machining – Trimming, Milling
  • Cutting – Water-jet, Plasma
  • Laser Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Spraying
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Pick and Place
  • NDT Inspection

Industries & Robotic Integrators

Robotmaster continues to be adopted across industry including by aerospace and automotive manufacturers who are increasingly persuaded by the productivity gains for their robotic applications. There is uptake in the medical field as well as at research and educational institutions looking to further their understanding of robotic processes. For robotic integrators, Robotmaster is a compelling choice for quickly delivering CAD/CAM programming for their clients and ensuring tool trajectories are seamless and errorless.