Third Dimension announces Loop Technology as Vectro Integrator

Third Dimension announces Loop Technology as Vectro Integrator to deliver advanced robotic 2D profile measurement solutions

Third Dimension, manufacturers of the world-renowned GapGun® and Vectro® handheld and robot deployed non-contact gauging systems, has today announced Loop Technology as a Vectro Integrator to deliver advanced, robotic, 2D profile measurement solutions for both quality and process control applications in high value manufacturing.

Loop Technology, based in Dorchester, England, deliver advanced automation machinery for a variety of applications including robotic machining, large scale composite manufacturing, assembly and fastening for aerostructures, and robotic labelling. As a Vectro Integrator, they will combine their expertise in the fields of industrial automation and industrial metrology to offer simple to use, feature rich robotic measurement and inspection systems for 2D profiles utilising Third Dimension’s Vectro product line.

Fanuc CRX collaborative robot with Vectro2 measuring aerostructure

Third Dimension’s flagship automated product, Vectro®2, is a proven tool for fast, accurate, and traceable measurement and inspection of 2D profiles typical of extrusions, welds, seals, adhesive beads, edge breaks and panel gap and flush applications. Seamless to integrate with a robot by a Vectro Integrator, customer solutions can be rapidly deployed to eliminate human error from their quality control process, ensure accurate, repeatable, and traceable results every time, and free-up skilled technicians to provide significant cost-savings.

Clive Warren, Senior Product Manager at Third Dimension, commented: “Loop Technology are one of the most accomplished robot integrators in the UK, capable of tackling the most challenging and sophisticated automation projects we encounter, and ensuring the exact needs of our customers can be met. We are looking forward to working with Alun and his team to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our prestigious customer base in automotive, aerospace, energy and consumer goods manufacturing.”

While Vectro®2 is commonly used in traditional QC, it is also a powerful tool for process control and Industry 4.0 applications. By gathering critical measurement data at the point of manufacture, automatic on-the-fly adjustments can be made to upstream processes in response to drift associated with variations elsewhere in the production process, helping assure high quality products and zero defects.

“Industrial metrology and robotics go hand-in-hand. Although quality control measurements require specific skills and knowledge, it is essentially a repetitive task that lends itself to automation”, said Alun Reece, Managing Director at Loop Technology. “Robots provide the highest level of consistency and traceability and through Third’s groundwork with robot OEM’s, such as Fanuc and Universal Robots, they’ve developed certified add-on packs to make the integration process simple and quick.”

The partnership will allow Third Dimension and Loop Technology to rapidly deploy advanced robotic metrology solutions to deliver vast improvements in process traceability and consistency, significant cost savings, and the ability to exploit real-time time data to make automatic process control manufacturing decisions for intelligent and efficient manufacturing.