RoboMade for Digitally Enabled Ultrasonic Assisted Robotic Machining

RoboMade is an Innovate UK funded project led by Loop Technology to investigate and develop an ultrasonic assisted robotic machining system for high-performance materials. It was completed in February 2022.

The project brought together a partnership between Loop Technology, INSPHERE, Far-UK, BAE Systems, The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Loughborough University, and Sandvik Coromant.

Far-UK, who acted as the end user to demonstrate drilling on an automotive composite component, have written an informative article about the project, available on their website.

Mark Lidgett, Engineering Manager at Far-UK comments: “Working on the RoboMade project with Loop technology provided us with a lot of robotics knowledge and has really accelerated our innovation programme. We have since invested in more technology to expand our capabilities. For example, we are now regularly using our KUKA robot in projects for everything from machining to assembly, and we are developing the capabilities of our Universal Robot by integrating a camera system to move further towards more automated smart manufacturing.”