Partnership with Desoutter Industrial Tools

Loop Technology are pleased to announce a recent partnership with Desoutter Industrial Tools, a global leader in assembly tools serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Loop Technology”, says Benjamin John, Desoutter Business Line Manager. “Desoutter’s vision is to be the Station Process Leader and Expert for our customers. Loop Technology and Desoutter are already active in many of the same market segments, aerospace, automotive and renewable energy, and we believe this partnership along with our shared innovative approach will only increase the value with can offer to our customers”.

Photo: Desoutter

Desoutter complements Loop Technology’s agile fastening portfolio for double and single sided fastening solutions. Alun Reece, Loop Technology Director comments “Loop are looking forward to building our relationship with Desoutter. Our companies have complementary capabilities and together we can create some very powerful fastening solutions.

Desoutter’s expertise has been vital in assisting with Loop Technology’s development of a state-of-the-art nutrunner end effector for aeroplane wing assembly.

The nutrunner end effector is part of a pair, used in conjunction with a bolt inserter end effector for assembling dual sided fasteners. The system provides an automated fastening solution to meet the demands of large-scale infrastructure manufacture with the design focused on addressing the shortcomings of existing technologies.

In particular, Loop Technology have developed in-built 3D imaging and guidance capability so that absolute positioning is not required. Additionally, the system can be used to automate critical quality inspection tasks such as surface flushness and nut seating.

Loop Technology vision system scanning assembled nut

Loop Technology’s expanding portfolio of robotic fastening solutions also covers riveting, sealant dispensing, quality control, and more.

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