Meet our new Software Interns

Loop Technology provides internships and work experience opportunities across all our departments. We offer students the chance for hands-on work experience, where individual initiative and creativity is encouraged.

In July, we were delighted to welcome two new Software Interns who will be with us for two months: Max, studying towards a Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering at The University of Warwick; and Gearoid, studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Automation & Robotic Systems at Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest.

We sat down with them to learn more about their experience with us so far.

Two Loop Technology interns working with KUKA robot

Why did you choose Loop Technology?

Max: I was drawn to Loop Technology because of the company motto “Inspiring manufacturing excellence through advanced automation”. I’m passionate about sustainability and I think automation is the way forward for reaching economical and societal sustainability.

Gearoid: I was looking at different industrial automation company websites and the prestige is what brought me.

Keeping in mind Loop Technology projects are ‘top secret’, what are you working on at the moment?

Max: I am analysing a robot cell to find the optimal configuration with a simulation software called ‘KUKA.Sim’.

Gearoid: I am helping to swap out an existing motion control system with a new one for a machine. At the moment, we’re testing motors to run outside of the machine on a bench.

What do you like most about working at Loop Technology?

Gearoid: The challenge. In the engineering discipline, you’re looking to solve problems in a pragmatic way. The problem-solving aspect of the project I’m working on at the moment interests me the most. And the collaboration with the other software engineers. The insight they provide is fantastic. I’ve learned aspects of the industry I’ve never covered at college.

Max: It’s got to be the same thing for me. The challenge is great – and the robots. I love jogging them and programming them in simulation. And how much is happening here. There’s always someone you can talk to – someone you can learn from.

What are your expectations from working at Loop Technology?

Gearoid: I am a forward planner and I am looking for a CoOp industry placement. With the prospect of rejoining, I want to get a feel of what it’s like to work here.

Max: To learn how the industry works. And get as much knowledge from you guys.

In Gearoid’s words… Brilliant craic!

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