Güdel TMF-6 Track Delivered to Loop Technology Centre

It was a historic occasion at the Loop Technology Centre in Dorchester as we took delivery of a Güdel TMF-6 robotic track for our latest FibreLINE order. This is the first time this product has ever been delivered in the UK!

The TMF-6 is a globally unique and outstanding solution because of its payload capacity, able to move static payloads of 20 tons and articulated robot payloads of up to 14.2 tons!

The TMF-6 is designed to move the heaviest industrial robots and is compatible with the entire range of Fanuc M2000’s, from 900L through to 2300L. It provides high dynamics in relation to size and moving load whilst the guideway system has flat rails and double roller support.

It will serve as a formidable foundation for our automated composite preforming system, FibreLINE, which facilitates the rapid layup of large plies for advanced manufacturing.