Celebrating Women In Engineering 2021

In recognition of International Women in Engineering Day 2021 on 23rd June 2021, Loop Technology wanted to show their support for the contribution women in engineering make.

Luisa, one of our talented Software Engineers, is passionate about getting more women involved in engineering and was happy to help. For this blog post, we asked her a few questions to highlight the exciting work she gets involved in at Loop and honest advice she has for women wanting to pursue a career in engineering. We hope it provides more content in support of creating a more gender-equal profession.

Why is engineering a good career choice for girls?

“If you are creative and love maths and science, go for it. It is an extremely rewarding career, and I believe engineering is helping the world to be a better place in many ways. You will be very proud of the projects you contribute towards. It’s also a good choice because it is an occupation in high demand and you can become financially independent easily.”

What advice would you give to girls wanting a career in engineering?

“Just be confident and be yourself. Don’t worry about not fitting in. Focus on what you want to achieve, and don’t let the old cliché that ‘it is a man’s job’ influence your decisions. There’s plenty of women in every sector of engineering and you will discover we are really everywhere, it’s not uncommon anymore.

I heard a saying that it is a really lonely work life, being a female engineer, but actually, the team spirit is great. You will meet amazing people, both men and women, that share the same mind set and objectives with you.”

Loop Technology RoboMACH Cell with rotatory table and white enclosed cell walls

What are your daily tasks and what is your favourite part of the job?

“Being a software engineer in an automation and robotics company, my daily tasks are very varied. One day I might be working on some robot code, or PLC, or on a vision system. I might be designing on my laptop, testing in the workshop, or installing at the client’s site, so every day is different. The projects are quite high pace, so I’m always working on something new and it never gets boring.

My favourite part of the job is that you get to use your creativity to solve problems. It’s so satisfying seeing all your hard work in action. You get to see it all working smoothly and how your code makes a process better for the customer.”

Interested in a career in engineering? Get in touch. We offer many opportunities at Loop including work experience, internships, and apprenticeships.