Inside Loop Technology: Take a peek into our workshop

Two large white KUKA Titan robots. One is pouring tea and the other is holding a teacup and saucer

Pour yourself a cup of tea and step inside the Loop Technology Centre…

Many robots come and go from our workshop; they are delivered here, equipped with end effectors, programmed, tested, and shipped to site – ready to automate their assigned processes.

Amongst this constant hustle and bustle, are a team of robots who call the Loop Technology Centre home.

Their job is to help with feasibility studies to verify customer materials and processes.

As bespoke automation comes with a few risks, we have invested significant time and expense to create test and development cells

This allows us to perform trials for customers to de-risk the final solution.

Meet some of the robots who are ready to help

Small orange KUKA KR 16 robot midway through laser cleaning a wavy shaped part


Wall-E, named after a certain inquisitive cleaning robot, sits in our RoboCLEAN demonstrator cell.

Wall-E helps with laser cleaning trials to determine the best settings for different materials and surface coatings.

KUKA Agilus

Named Titch as it’s the smallest of the bunch, this robot roams across the factory floor.

From developing our agile fastening end effector technology for aircraft assembly, to dynamic labelling technology for e-commerce, Titch may be small but this robot is mighty, helping out wherever it can.

Small orange KUKA Agilus robot with fastening tool and vision system
Two large white KUKA Titan robots facing each other

Loki and Thor
KR 1000 Titans

Loki and Thor, named after the Norse gods, are in our Advanced Automated Preforming Technology (AdAPT) cell.

They are currently being kitted out so they can perform composite preforming related process trials including ply cutting, layup, stabilisation, inspection, trimming.


Rosie, named after British chemist Rosalind Franklin, is in our large volume machining cell, RoboMACH.

It helps with machining trials to determine the best spindles, settings for different materials and surface finishes.

Orange KUKA KR600 robot machining a block

Helping to accelerate innovation

Recently, Rosie supported project RoboMade for high accuracy machining of hard materials. We worked closely with our consortium partner Far-UK, who acted as the end user.

“Working on the RoboMade project with Loop Technology provided us with a lot of robotics knowledge and has really accelerated our innovation programme.”

Read more about RoboMade

Working closely with our customers, right from the start

Alongside our robots, is a dedicated team of engineers to look after each trial. They work closely with our customers right from the start to understand their specific process and needs.

This allows us to identify potential challenges that may arise during process development, reducing the risk to the customer and the overall time to deliver.

Contact our team about your automation problem

International Composites Summit 2022

Loop Technology was pleased to exhibit at the International Composites Summit in London last week.

It was a great opportunity for the team to meet with other innovative companies in the composites industry.

Loop Technology delegates at the International Composites Summit

Thank you for reading. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more, or talk to us about your requirements.

01305 257108

Next Month’s Focus

Automated Metrology

Loop Technology was recently announced as a Vectro Integrator for Third Dimension.

Next month, we look at the new metrology capabilities we can provide.

Fanuc CRX collaborative robot with Vectro2 measuring aerostructure
Read the full press release

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