Loop Technology in South Korea

We’re excited to announce we were selected by Innovate UK to attend the 2019 Global Business Innovation Programme in South Korea.

“It is an exceptional opportunity to learn about market demand and potential applications for their technologies in South Korea and neighbouring Asian markets, as well as exploring opportunities for research collaboration and meeting potential clients and partners.”

Read more about the event on the Enterprise Europe blog here.

Loop’s delegate, John Wayman, our Mechanical Engineer Manager, updates us on the event and his experience below.

Day 5


Off to the ADEX exhibition this morning, following the best night’s sleep this week!

ADEX was interesting, if you like guns and stuff. The air show was very good. The US C17 giant aircraft appeared, at times, to be flying at a brisk walking pace! Then it landed and reversed down the runway.

A final group evening meal, with the representative from the Embassy, followed by Karaoke! A new experience for me, but good fun.

Flying home, back to reality tomorrow. It’s been a gruelling, fun, valuable trip. I’ve made some friends, but also made very good contacts for Loop. I’ve a feeling one of us will be back…

Day 4


On Thursday morning, we visited Korean Air Tech Centre. Very interesting.

In the afternoon we visited KAI, a major aerospace company. Afterwards we visited the aircraft museum. Then it was off to the airport to fly to Seoul. By the time we arrived at the hotel, in the city centre, it was 11pm.

Day 3


Just heading off to Busan for the next round of presentations and meetings.

Ready for the morning's business

Afterwards, we visited Panasia, who make equipment for removing pollutants from ship’s exhaust gas and ballast water. Another fascinating visit, including an automated system for making UV lamps, which incorporates many cobots.

Day 2


Spot the two largest shipyards in the world Hyundai heavy industries and HMD from Ulsan Observatory

A quick tour of the Hyundai car factory this morning, followed by a trip to the Ulsan Observatory.

Then, afterwards, we were enticed into a VR room, with several different VR experiences using fancy headsets and culminating in a 4D roller coaster simulator. A pleasant surprise.

This afternoon, we visited the Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST) funded by Posco, the biggest steel manufacturer in the world.

Next was a pilot plant for lithium extraction from ore, brine, or recycled batteries. It’s even more complicated than making coffee!

We saw silicon carbide wafer production and lithium carbide anode production, plus spread tow carbon fibre production, all small lab scale plants. Interesting technologies.

We went from there to Pohang steel works where we were given a tour of a rolling mill. Very loud, very hot!

Day 1


Arriving in Seoul

After the usual wearisome 26 hours travelling, we arrived in Ulsan last night, where we found they had kept the restaurant open for us specially.

This morning, after a few hours trying to sleep at what our bodies thought was the middle of the day, we had a practice run of our presentations, before the potential collaborators and partners arrived.

Getting ready to present

At 10:00, the Korean delegates arrived, about 40 of them. After a brief introduction by AMRC, and a short presentation by a representative of the UK Department of International Trade, we started to present.

All went well, then it was lunchtime.

The South Koreans do food well. There was a massive amount of food of all kinds. Everything I ate was delicious. Last time I came here, over 20 years ago, all I had to eat was Kimchi for the whole 2 weeks!

After lunch, the UK delegates were allocated a table and an interpreter, for Korean visitors to ask them about their company. I was visited by the founder and CEO of a manufacturer of autonomous vehicles. In addition to autonomous buses and cars, he has genuinely been looking into flying cars! We had a long and interesting discussion about our equipment and the applicability to the production of such vehicles.

Dinner this evening with Korean AMRC representatives, so no down-time.