Loop joins GKN consortium ASCEND to accelerate high volume composite technologies

GKN Aerospace is leading a new UK industry consortium called ASCEND (Aerospace and Automotive Supply Chain Enabled Development) to develop and accelerate composite material and process technologies for the next generation of energy efficient aircraft and future mobility.

Loop Technology joins the consortium along with 15 other companies across the UK aerospace and automotive supply chain.


  • £39.6 million ASCEND consortium to develop and accelerate high volume composite technologies
  • Public-private investment and cross-sector collaboration across UK industry aims to create more than 700 UK roles by 2035
  • Consortium strengthens UK industry’s position at forefront of next generation of sustainable aircraft and future mobility technology
ASCEND Infographic

Being part of this exciting project provides Loop Technology with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the best companies in the industry. Additionally the funding received facilitates the next development phase for our ultra-high rate composite ply deposition technologies enabling us to increase performance and capability across our range of cutting edge 3D composite ply handling and lay-up products including FibreFORM, FibreROLL and FibreCUT.

Render of Loop Technology Demonstration and Development System
Render of Loop Technology Demonstration and Development System
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