Merry Christmas from Loop Technology



Eyes looking through a beam of light.


Sneak peek at the lights and cameras at Loop below. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Field, The Format Factory


Merry Christmas from the team at Loop Technology


With the year coming to a close, we wanted to start off by thanking our partners, suppliers, and customers for another productive year - even in these challenging times.


The Loop Technology Centre will be closed from Christmas Day and reopening on the 4th January. As always, our service and support team are still on hand throughout the festive period (did you know we offer service and maintenance packages with every system?)


Wishing you all the best, and stay safe!



What have we been up to?


Introducing our new product line for labelling irregular 3D shapes.


Render of identifEYE labelling cell complete with printers, guarding and two robots


Illustration of conveyor with different sized objects illustration


Process a large range of product types on a single line.


Handles sizes from 50x50x5mm to 450x400x400mm.

Illustration with robot arm and box speeding past


Print and apply labels @ 1200 parts / hour / robot


Modular design. Add cooperative robots to multiply throughput.


Illustration of 3D Cube with nodes in each corner


Dynamic 3D label application


Adapts to the surface orientation of each individual product ensuring labels are attached correctly.

: Illustration of an eye


Intelligent feature detection


Avoid undesirable label placement or pinpoint the exact location of a feature like a barcode.



Lights, Camera,........Robot?

Loop Technology Centre had the pleasure of hosting a TV crew in October. Our team are no strangers to supporting customers achieve their bespoke robotic visions, and this was no different.


We are excited to see the end product and can't wait to share it with you, so follow us on our social media platforms to find out soon!


Loop Technology robot cell filled with TV crew and performers.


Photo courtesy of Benjamin Field, The Format Factory


Zooming with CleanLASER distributors around the world.

CleanLASER distributor meeting

It is a shame we could not drop in at CleanLASER HQ for this year's distributor meeting. However, it was still valuable to meet and discuss the latest developments in laser cleaning, even if only virtually.


Learn More about Laser Cleaning


Thank you for reading. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more, or talk to us about your requirements.



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Next Month's Focus


FibreFORM curved over tool controlled by Loop Technology engineer in PPE



A Loop Technology patented design for composite ply handling and lay-up.




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